Corona pandemic impact to foreign firms and foreigners in Japan*



★Ralf Bebenroth(Research Institute・Professor)
 Kashif Ahmed(Research Institute・Associate Professor)
 Nir Kshetri(U of North Carolina Brian Business School・Professor)
 Ashish Malik(University of Newastle Management Business School・Associate Professor)
 Kai Thiele(Daimler Chrysler Managment Department・Dr)
 Yasmin Nur Nahar(U of Dhaka, Bangladesh /Kobe University Department of Management Assistant Professor /PhD Candidate・准メンバー)


This research aims to investigate corona pandemic impact to foreign firms and to foreigners based in Japan. The research covers three years and is important to conduct because for Japanese economy not only domestic impact of corona is important to investigate but what matters also is the situation of foreign firms based in Japan. The main question to be answered in this research is, what exactly changed for foreign firms and what changed for foreigners in Japan through corona pandemic. Therefore, foreign firms in Japan are investigated and also foreign employees. The research will be based on qualitative interviews with foreigners and will also be based on data from Bloomberg data bank including all foreign firms who are located in Japan.